Social Responsibility

We have always prioritized environmental programs and have made great efforts to improve societal safety in all production processes at our facilities. We are also committed in Al Koblan Factory to protect and care for humans and the planet from any impacts that may result from the production of our products, and therefore we are also committed to agreements with suppliers who share the same vision and responsibility towards the environment and society.

Abide by Laws and Regulations

We believe in the importance of occupational health, safety and environment management systems and adhere to all instructions issued by the local and international concerned authorities in our facilities and workplaces. We also develop our own systems to ensure maximum compliance by management and employees

Health and Safety Policies

We are keen to provide safe workplaces for all our employees, our customers, the contracting parties with us, and the general community by fully adhering to all relevant policies, and we encourage taking the necessary proactive measures to provide a safe work environment, free from accidents and injuries.

Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to protecting the environment and society, as we strive to preserve natural resources through the continuous application of saving techniques and investment to use alternative energy sources and preserve environmental resources, which positively helps protecting the climate, water, and energy.

Public Information Transparency

We are a responsible member of the communities in which we live and work. As we expand our knowledge and understanding of the impact of our operations and our products, we share this knowledge with the broader community to increase awareness of the importance of environmental issues.

Suppliers and Other Parties

In terms of positive impact, we are committed to improving occupational health and safety laws of our suppliers and contractors through continuous communication, evaluation and auditing of imported materials and the mechanisms used. We also encourage the use of safer materials and healthier alternatives if available

The best Emergency Preparedness

The best Emergency Preparedness We are prepared to respond to emergencies that could impact our operations, the environment, or the health and safety of employees and communities in which we operate be safe against emergencies is to be fully prepared for it. We are always working to improve the mechanisms of our response to all kinds of emergencies in the workplace, living place, and public places, and we are keen to provide sufficient information about the response mechanisms that must be followed and the correct behavior in all cases.