Research and Development

The primary task of R&D team at Al Koblan Factory is to work on improving quality standards in all products to meet the needs of small, medium or large projects. We do our best to provide products that comply with international standards and the requirements of all markets and customers. Therefore, we spend a lot of effort and time to invest in the research and development team and we consider it one of the indispensable departments of our company.

We also continuously perform studies and analysis on all of our products with the efforts of great experts who have extensive knowledge and long experience in the field of research and development. These studies are later transferred to a qualified team of implementation specialists to manufacture the products under the supervision of the Quality Management and Measurement Standards Department. All products along the production line go through several stages and tests using quality inspection devices and conforming to specifications and standards, after which they are prepared for local use or for export to several countries around the world.

We are always keen to apply international quality standards and make sure that our customers are receiving a product of high quality and long life.

Most important factors that are focused on during the product life cycle:

Raw Materials: With a wide network of suppliers and partners around the world, we only use high quality materials provided with quality certificates and conform to local and international standards.
Manufacturing Mechanisms: All tools and machines used in our factory are among the latest scientific findings in the field of thermopipes production, we focus on developing the current mechanisms continuously to increase product quality and production speed.
Quality Tests: The testing processes continue during all stages of production, and are extended to include the stage of product installation and testing through the free testing service that we provide to our customers to make sure that there are no errors in the installed network.