Installation Tests

We recommend monitoring the network pressure before starting to use it, as it is one of the most important factors that greatly affect the quality of fluids flow and access to all points along the line. The test is usually performed by pumping quantities of water or compressed air after installing ea ch part separately and upon completion of the entire network installation as well. The test is carried out in several stages according to the following:

  • A 30-minute initial test and a 120-minute final test are being conducted on every network
  • The test is performed by pumping air into the network and discharging it at its highest point
  • A pressure of 20 bar is used during the test
  • The compressed air is discharged once every 15 minutes
  • When reading the results, the natural deficiency of compressed air in the network is taken into consideration for several factors, including turns and connection threads.
  • Deficiency is considered normal and expected if it is within 0.3 bar and is neglected
  • It is essential to ensure that the tests are passed for each network installed and that the flow is running without abruptions
  • Temperature change during the test may cause a difference in the pressure results, and therefore an accurate toolings should be used to note these differences

For more information about testing the networks and the necessary equipment, you can visit the services page or contact the technical support team at Al Koblan Factory.