Free Supervision

At Al Koblan Factory, we work to provide all necessary services to our customers and ensure their trust and comfort, to give them the necessary support during all stages o f the project. And to grant the best quality of service and accurate results during testing and implementation.

Our free supervision service includes all projects and is implemented according to several stages.

- The preliminary test is done after the completion of the installation and before the plaster in order to ensure that no leaks from the pipes occur in the subsequent stages

- The final test is carried out after the tank net is installed and before the surface tiling phase.

How can I benefit from the free supervision service?
  • Make sure to complete the request in advance, ask for help and book an appointment before the date of the service
  • Install all pipelines, and make sure that glands and corner bolts are installed, and extensions are closed
  • Pump water into all network lines, and don't forget to disconnect the tank's iron pipes, if any
  • Wait for the pressure test to finish to begin plaster and tile operations so that you do not have to make any adjustments later
  • Make sure to prepare the test site, in case the site is not ready, another date will be set according to the work conditions

*Free supervision service is provided in some regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is valid for Al Koblan Factory products only. No support will be provided if other products are used.

*For more information about our services and warranty terms, you can contact us via the contact page or by calling the numbers: Unified number (920002216) - Direct number (4778085)