Product features

With high capabilities to produce a wide range of thermopipes and related accessories, in addition to a wide network of suppliers and partners, Al Koblan Factory gained the trust of all customers and became one of the pioneers in manufacturing thermopipes in the region with high-quality products and equipment that cover the needs of all markets.

Rust Resistant

High ability to resist all degrees of acids and alkalis between 1-14, and it is marked by great resistance to climatic conditions and not being affected by materials used in construction works such as lime, cement, etc.

No More Blockages

Due to the smooth inner surface, there is no resistance to the flowing fluids, and the thermopipes are also known by their flexibility and resistance to corrosion, preventing the formation of any holes or bends that may cause blockages.

Easy to install

Lightweight, easy to install, with a wide range of accessories and equipment available in addition to year round technical support to ensure immediate maintenance and easy replacement of any damaged parts

Energy Saving

All components used in thermopipes manufacturing are insulating and non conductive, which reduces heat loss in the liquids and reduces condensation formed on the external surfaces. This helps to save energy by at least 15%.

Noise Free

( PPr ) is well known as a soundproofing material with the ability to flexibly expand and contract, this helps in reducing noise from plumbing extensions caused by the continuous or sudden flow of fluids in pipes.

Long Life

Thermopipes are non perishable when used under standard conditions, they are of high quality and have a long life span of more than 50 years. It is always advised to use them within the recommended temperatures and pressures.

Hygiene and Approved

All used materials are healthy and friendly to humans and the environment, as well as conforming to international standards and subject to many conditions and checks before entering production lines. We only use approved materials.

Flexible and Frost Resistant

High ability to resist vibrations and ground subsidence expected in buildings, the great flexibility helps with resistance to freezing, as the thermopipe sector increases and expands to match the size of the frozen liquids within it.