Raw Materials

At Al Koblan Factory, all materials used in our production lines are of high quality and resistant to climatic conditions, pressures, or hits, in addition to being healthy materials that are friendly to humans and the environment as they comply with international standards and undergo many checks before adding them to production lines.

Human and environment-friendly materials

We are always keen to investigate safe materials for trophic uses such as water and other consumable liquids, and we closely monitor all reports and updates issued by international organizations concerned with these matters.

High-Quality Materials

In addition to being friendly to humans and the environment, the quality of the materials used is one of the main reasons for our customer's confidence in us over the years. With its resistance to all climatic conditions and physical pressures, as it was tested in several locations and at different seasons of the year and proved to be effective and durable to high or very low temperatureswithoutbeing affected by any cracks or blockages.
For more information about the quality of our products, you can visit the quality certificates page, and you can also view information aboutour after-sales guarantee for all products.

Technical and Functional Specifications

High resistance thermopipes and fittings are manufactured using Polypropylene (PPr), which has a high atomic weight and is very suitable for hot and cold fluid piping applications, as it is resistant to pressures,hits, andmicrocracks on the inner surfaces of the pipes.

There are no restrictions on the use of (PPr) in sanitary applications, as it is approved for its excellent ability to resist chemicals and maintain the acidity of liquids without being affected by temperature orliquid type.

For more technical and functional information, you can view the table of material properties, and you can also contact us to provide you with more details and technical specifications for all productswe provide.

Density0.895 Gr/Cm³
Melting Point140° - 150°
Molecular Weight500.000
E-Modulus800 N/Mm²
MFI190/ 0.505 Gr/10 Min.
Coef. of Linear Exp.4-10 × 1.5 K